Episode Formatting: 3 Ways To Take Your Podcast To The Next Level

Featuring: Brandon Hull, Freelance To Founder podcast

When it comes to formatting, the interview is the easiest choice for podcasters to make. Its simple format makes it easy to produce over time and it can work for almost any podcast niche. But while the interview has proven to be the most accessible format for podcasters, it’s not the only option we have at our disposal.

We all love a good story and experimenting with a more narrative format is a creative way to spice up your podcast and keep your audience fully engaged. We’ve seen the success of podcast powerhouses like Serial and Gimlet Media utilize this but how can podcasters build a similar experience without the large budget, staff and resources of these juggernauts? Where do we even start?

To explore this, we sat down with Brandon Hull, host of the Freelance to Founder podcast and co-founder of HelloCast to discuss how you can start taking the next step with your podcast formatting and begin creating a more engaging listening experience for your audience. During the episode we discuss:

  • Three formatting options you can start to using right now
  • How to use your existing interview recording to build into a larger narrative experience
  • The importance of understanding storytelling basics
  • Plus much more!

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