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How To Become A Podcast Host That Your Audience Will Love

Featuring: Maurice Cherry, Revision Path podcast

Being a podcast host can be quite a challenge. After all, your audience is tuning in to spend time with you every week so you need to make sure that you’re entertaining, informative, and just likable in general. That’s a lot of pressure! But is podcast hosting something that can be worked on and improved upon or is it something only people with magnetic personalities can succeed at?
In this month’s episode of the Podcast Insider, we are joined by Maurice Cherry, host of the award-winning Revision Path podcast to discuss what it takes to be a really great podcast host and interviewer. As you listen, you’ll come to find that there are some key things to keep top of mind while recording your episodes as well as ways to improve your performance on the microphone. With over an hour of amazing insights, you’ll learn a ton of great stuff, including:
  • The importance of preparation and how it can help you create a compelling conversation for your audience
  • How to find your “voice” and use it to guide the conversation
  • How to find guests that will bring value to your audience
  • How to get the most out of your guests by making them feel comfortable on your show
  • Whether or not you should consider a co-host

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