How To Plan Your Podcast Like A Pro

Featuring: Chris Graham, The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast

When building an audience for your podcast, consistency is going to be the key to fostering your growth. Releasing episodes on a consistent schedule develops trust with your listeners and leaves them wanting more after every episode. And while releasing episodes on a consistent basis sounds great on paper, it can be much easier said than done.

This is why the number one key to any podcast success is going to be proper planning. Planning your podcast episodes ahead of time will give you a huge head start on releasing your episodes on-time, which will ultimately lead to a loyal, engaged audience.

On the second episode of The Podcast Insider, we are joined by Chris Graham, co-host of The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast to talk about some insider tips on how to plan your podcast like a pro.

During The Episode We Discuss:

  • The importance of knowing your audience
  • How to generate an endless flow of topics for episodes
  • How to build your high-level ideas into full episodes
  • The power of outlining
  • How to create snappy titles that draw the attention of your listeners

Have your podcast all planned out and ready to record? Check out our blog post on the Top 3 Podcast Recording Essentials to learn what you’ll need to get started!

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