How To Promote Your Podcast With Really Good Emails

Featuring: Matthew Smith & Matt Helbig, Really Good Emails

After you’ve planned, recorded and published your podcast, you now need to find ways to spread the word. And while there are many ways to do this, few are as powerful as email marketing. Building a community and communicating directly with your audience via email is a great way to keep your listeners informed and engaged between episodes. But with thousands of emails filling the inbox, how can you be sure you’re cutting through the noise and reaching the people that matter?

In the first episode of 2020, we sat down with Matthew Smith and Matt Helbig of Really Good Emails, to talk about how to create your very own email marketing or newsletter campaign that will stand out in the inbox and encourage your audience to listen and subscribe. We even run through some real podcast emails and point out exactly what makes them really good! Follow along with the links below!

Podcast Email Examples

  1. HBR Work Advice Podcast –
  2. Time Sensitive Podcast –
  3. Basecamp Rework Podcast –

Newsletter building tools

  1. Revue –
  2. TinyLetter –

Typography Books

  1. Web Typography – Richard Rutter
  2. Elements of Typographical Style – Robert Bringhurst

Other links

  1. Unspam Conference –
  2. Feedback Friday –

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