How To Record A Podcast That Sounds Amazing

Featuring: Matt Boudreau, The Working Class Audio Podcast

So you’re producing a podcast or thinking about starting a new one. Sure, you can record your episodes with your laptop mic or your phone, but that’s just going to result in poor audio quality which won’t help you gain any listeners. The first step to building an audience is creating great content that sounds professional. If it sounds like you take your podcast seriously then your audience is going to take you seriously.
But where do you start? You’re no audio engineer…
In episode three of The Podcast Insider, we are joined by Matt Boudreau, professional Audio Engineer and host of the Working Class Audio podcast to reveal everything you’ll need to make your podcast sound amazing! Join us to learn:
  • How to choose and prepare your recording environment
  • The essential pieces of gear you’ll need to record a great sounding podcast
  • How to set up for multiple guests
  • Things to consider when recording remotely

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