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5 Spooky Podcast Scenarios You Must Overcome

So, you’re thinking about venturing into the world of podcasting and sharing your voice with the universe. Well, let’s be honest, it can be pretty spooky out there. There’s a lot more to podcasting than just hitting the record button, and sometimes it can feel like wandering into a haunted house alone.

This blog is here to help you navigate those dark corners and conquer five common fears that can send chills down anyone’s spine.

Ready to fight the fear? Let’s dive right in!

1. Imposter Syndrome

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Imposter Syndrome: that spooky specter that often haunts podcasters, especially beginners. It’s that nagging feeling of being a fraud, not fitting into the podcasting world, or not being good enough to provide value to an audience. You may start doubting your ideas’ originality or feel like your not smart or experienced enough to be hosting a podcast on a particular topic.

As you’ll see in this blog, imposter syndrome is the source of most doubt and stress, even for the most experienced podcasters. But here’s the deal: each person has a unique voice and perspective. No two individuals will tell a story in the same way, making podcasting truly beautiful.

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s ok if you aren’t always the smartest person in the room while recording each of your episodes. Showcasing your guests as the expert should always be the goal as the best podcast hosts position themselves as an avatar of their audience, learning from your guests episode to episode!

Kick that imposter to the curb! Remember, even the most successful podcasters were once beginners, too.

2. 'What if Nobody Listens?'

Fear can sneak up on you when you least expect it. What if all your efforts in creating a podcast go unnoticed? It’s a legitimate concern, one that even seasoned podcasters face.

Here’s a little secret – In the beginning, it’s most likely that your worst fear will come true and nobody will listen! Don’t let this fear hold you back from creating something extraordinary. Instead, use this time to experiment with your process and format, creating a solid foundation that will grow alongside your audience.  Work out all the kinks while your audience is small so that it’s ready for the big time when your audience expands. This should feel liberating rather than terrifying!

It’s also worth mentioning to set realistic goals. Understanding your target audience and market size is crucial to setting your expectations with audience growth. If your podcast is focused on a really niche market, chances are the audience size isn’t very large, and you should adjust your expectations accordingly. That said, even podcasts focused on the largest markets take time to grow, as your average podcast doesn’t experience significant growth until they’ve been consistently producing content for about 24 months!

Focus on creating content that resonates with your ideal listener, and the audience will come. Even if only a handful of people tune in at first, it’s still a win worth celebrating!

3. 'What if My Boss Doesn't See the Value?'

The return on investment (ROI) is an important number that your marketing team needs to measure the effectiveness of your podcast. Think of it this way: your podcast is more than another content option. It’s a new channel to engage with your target audience and requires new ways to measure overall success. Your boss will expect you to show them the value.

But podcasts can take time to prove their business value. This is common, especially in B2B industries. You should, however, focus on the organic value it gives its listeners. Listener value will ultimately lead to business value. And while a podcast can take on a life of it’s own, when planning a new show, it’s important to think about content integration.

When pitching your show to superiors, present it as part of a larger content marketing strategy. For example, you can align your episodes to a webinar that is scheduled at the end of the month, driving listeners to register for the event. This will tie the podcast to near-term value as it’s supporting other high-valued campaigns and much easier for your management team to get behind. You can also look into monetization, a helpful way to generate short-term value while helping build your reach.

4. 'What if I don't know anything about podcasting?'

Let’s face it, starting a podcast can be overwhelming, especially if you need to familiarize yourself with the technical side of audio content. You might need help gaining the skills or knowledge to produce a high-quality podcast. 

You have to start somewhere, and it’s actually pretty simple to get started, even on a limited budget. We have a variety of content that can help you get your podcast sounding the best it can be. You can learn as you go, and your podcast will improve as you go on.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Keep honing your skills and always strive to improve. It’s also worth mentioning that partnering with professional podcast producers can help you create professional-sounding podcasts, and they can be a great resource, educating you on best practices as you go.

5. 'What if I don't have the time?'

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Time is precious, and the fear of not having enough can be a significant barrier for your team. Balancing all of your other responsibilities while consistently producing a high-quality podcast can be challenging. 

But what if I told you that you have the resources to significantly cut back on production time and allow for a pretty seamless process? 

For example, repackaging and repurposing your existing content, like blog posts, can enable you to find new podcast episode opportunities–bringing your organic engagement to a brand new channel and cutting down on pre-production time.

You can also look at a podcast from the other side of the table and repurpose your podcast episodes into blog posts and social media snippets. This creates an incredibly efficient feedback loop where your podcasts are fueling your blog and your blog is fueling your podcast! 

When it comes to audio production, partnering with a podcast producer or production company can help with the busy work like editing, mixing, and packaging your audio into finished episodes, ready to be published.

Don’t let the fear of time keep you from pursuing your passion! If you’re smart about your content strategy, you’re already winning half the battle.


Overcoming your podcasting fears can be challenging, but remember, everybody has to start somewhere. Don’t let the fear of the unknown, worries about time, or concerns about technical skills hold you back from sharing your voice with the world.

Podcasting is a journey, not a race, and each step you take brings you closer to being better than you were yesterday. So, grab that microphone, hit record, and let your voice shine.

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